Interio World •Changing sockets and switches
It is a very common maintenance work to repair and replace the sockets and old switches in electrical system after 2-3 years even if there is nothing wrong with them and our company has a dedicated and well trained electrical staff for this kind of repair and maintenance tasks.

• Diagnosing the fluctuation in your electrical system
If you are experiencing fluctuation or rapid changes in the flow of electricity at your place, chances are that it’s because of the damage in your electrical system and in that case, just give us a call to get the best and professional electrician to your place to get the job done in the best possible way.

• Upgrading the electrical system at your place
If you are redecorating your house or making big changes, you will need to upgrade the electrical system too in order to keep it up to date and compatible with your needs and requirements. To get this job done in the best possible way along with top quality services, you need to contact Smile Interior to provide you with all kinds of services for your home, apartment and office.

• Replacement of damaged electrical system or installing new points
Due to an accident or because of fluctuation in the flow of electricity, if your electrical system is damaged, it’s recommended to get it fixed or repaired as soon as possible and not only that but get it done by professionals just like our company provides. provides best of services to fix Electrical problems and our emergency service team is available 24/7. From fixing light fixtures to complete electrical installation, we undertake all type of electrical work. No job is too small for us. Our domestic service include complete electrical testing, Installation and fault finding, Installation of electrical light fittings, Electrical appliances, Switches & fixtures, Garden lights, Emergency lights.

Repair and maintenance tasks related to electricity and electrical system in your house, apartment and commercial building is a very serious and delicate job. With the running electricity in the circuit, you can’t just repair the faulty sockets and switches by yourself but you need to have an expert electrician to get the job done in the best possible way and with no extra charges for repairs and stuff.

Our company is one of the best Electrical services provider in Mumbai and along with many other characteristics, there are two most important factors that distinguish our company from others including; having the best and top notch electrician in Mumbai.
This means that when you contact us with any type of electrical related repair and maintenance work, we will provide you the best and top experienced electricians with excellent skills and expertise.